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Over the past two years, the level of the game has fallen. There is an ongoing technical disruption in the game: the fish does not appear when you fishing, the fish that has already been fished then middle of the next fishing that fish appearing; "Cast your line" does not show "pull" at all; Sonar: fish will not be visible and next you will be notified of the fish's escape.

 The envelope: look short video, you will earn bank notes. I have been watch videos (every day), sometimes I earn bank notes one or two ads (usually zero bank notes), and so on.

 Event: The main focus is on those fishes which you should buy own bait, ground bait or use magic lure / magic bait. In addition, the number of fish needed has increased (before 2 piece and now 4-5 piece / species).

 The latest reform in the game. Fish five-star fish to get the event done. A fish weighing over 5000kg is placed in the game. The biggest fish I get is about 3200kg. I have used a number of ground bait, club bonuses power, other power bonuses etc. to get to five-star fish, and 99 fish. All that time I have spent playing this event has been wasted. In the future I will carefully consider do I play event or not to play the event.

 Over the past year, I have found that, you don’t no longer really get five-star fish. There have been major changes in getting fish. Before you got several 99 points fish 15 minutes. Today you will receive up to one event eligible fish for 15 minutes.

The biggest level drop in the game has been a change in the fund. Two years ago with a small investment from time to time, make possible to play the game actively. Today, the game's structure change "forces" the player to use the real money to play in the game, if you want to make events, champs, tournaments etc. The real money I do not spend a penny on the game anymore.

The game has much changes occurred in the bad direction over two years.


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