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New Duels

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Coming soon to Let's Fish! completely new duels. The current duels will become history and a new form of competition will arrive at your favorite game. Stay tuned.

new duels en.jpg

Ok, guys! Below is the preview of the rules for our new challenges system.

The new challenges will be arriving next Monday 30.01.2017
the full details of the transition between old and news challenges will be posted soon.

1. Two players with similar score in challenge rankings take part in the challenge
2. The aim is to catch the biggest fish of each kind chosen for the challenge
3. The player who has the greatest total weight of two fish during the challenge is the winner

4. Each completed challenge influences the number of player's' points in the challenge ranking
5. The player can collect a daily challenge prize after completing a challenge
6. Fish for the challenge are chosen depending on player's rank in the challenge ranking
7. Only fish CAUGHT during the Challenges 1v1 time count in the challenge.
8. There is an unlimited number of challenges you can play.
9. It is possible to get and opponent with a much higher level in the beginning of the ranking (this will change as the leader stabilizes)

1. The daily challenge prize is chosen depending on player's rank in the challenge ranking
2. The player scores points:
a) 1 point for victory
b) 1 point for catching any fish bigger than the opponent (1 point for each fish)
c) 1 point for a draw
3. The player does not score any points if:
a) did not catch any fish during the challenge
b) gave up
4. You need 10 points to claim the daily prize and you can do it one time a day.
5. The daily challenge rests at 3:00 AM CET
6. You can get useful items and prestige points for completing the daily challenge.

1. The player scores points in the challenge ranking by winning a challenge
2. The player loses points in the challenge ranking by losing a challenge
3. The number of scored/lost points varies. It depends on the difference between the players' points in the challenge ranking.
4. There are no additional prizes for the challenge ranking.

If you have any questions we will try to answer them as fast as possible.

Some details may change we will inform you if they do.

- Let's Fish team

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