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It would appear that some of the 'Talent Skill' amplifiers are not working, and have not worked for some time. I have an acct, level 80, with both 'skills' and 'strength' completed.  Using 522 lb sea rod  and 11 lb leader, my record fish was 1692 lbs, caught some time ago using a 60% rod bonus and 27% club bonus. I recently upgraded the leader to 66 lb, and am not even able to reach the the record weight with the same bonuses, while fishing for the Manta, a 4000 lb fish. I should be able to reach around 2250 lb with this set up, so appears that my entire 2nd talent skill 'strength' is not working. This discrepancy has been noted by several members within my club, as new talents that increase fish size have been completed with no effect on fish size.  Since the newest Event have fish requiring a weight of 1853 lb, completion of the event will be impossible to complete at present.

Other issues of lesser importance noted:

Finishing in the top 10 in the Daily tournaments are not posted or updated in the achievements,

Sending of daily gifts of groundbait to players not on friends list. this has not worked since the first new fishery was added in January.

The cups and trophies are a mess, again has not worked correctly since the new fishery was added in January.

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It has been 2 days, and no response to the previous post, the stunned silence is very comforting. I have 2 more instances of the talent amplifiers not working within my club.  The first: level 56,  have the talent 'skills' completed. using a 209 lb sea rod, no leaders, max sea fish of 609 lb. completed 4 stars (25%) of the 'strength' talent 'bigger fish in sea fisheries', tried to fish using same rod and gear with 60 rb and 27 cb, no gain in fish size. the max size should be around 790 lb. the other example is a level 49 with 'skills' completed and competence started with the same results. A prompt response and/or correction of this problem would be appreciated.

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