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This game has turned into a totally money game. As an exemplar I no longer have to participate in tournaments, championships or any other race because I do not pay.  The same applies to all players who do not pay.

The player who pays, the player who wants to participate and even somehow at some tournaments, has to buy the magazines. So buy magazines and buy more magazines. After a while, you will be able to play until you need more magazines. There are always players that are partying. If you do not buy, your participation in tournaments, championships for all activities where the level of fish is important ends.

Playing the Game: Placing at the 5-10 place in tournaments requires about 10-level fish. In practice, this means buying dozens of magazines / tournament fish.

Championships: buy dozens of magazines / fish. Own the biggest pearl of the sea, spin and flot rod.
Events: Certain events fish must be at least 5-level fish.
With basic mathematics, you can find that you are not talking about a few euros, but even thousands of euros.
Very quickly, as the fish level rises, it does not do anything with ordinary magazines. One level rise requires so many points that only pearl magazines (the gold and purple fish inside magazines) are the only ones that have the ability to raise the fish level. For those who do not know 10 levels to level 11, 600 points are required.
Top of all, players spend a lot of money to make ends meet, but I do not think it's the only one who has paid attention to how expensive this game is. Many of the players who made it before will no longer spend money on the game. I hope the players' world of thought will change and the buyers will be reduced. Maybe then it's possible to change the game.
Now the game is intended for players who are purely paying. The more you pay it the better you do. With the same players always in the lead, the same players always get the best prizes, players who otherwise use the money will still get more free of charge for their game. The difference with other players is growing.
The game is forced to make changes if the cash flow stops. As long as players pay no change in the game is not possible. After entering the rooms, no regular players have had any posts in the game. Randomly spending money can never raise fish without any purpose / goal. Possibly the basic event will no longer be able to play. Development trend at least predicts it.
Before: a two star event. 95-point fish like.
Today: 98 and sometimes big 98 are valid
Before: a three-star event. 99 points approached, then time went on and required a big 99-point fish.
Today, as a rule, only a golden fish is valid.
Part of the event: a short time ago 3 level fish was required. The 4-level fish was soon required, and at least 5-level fish are now required.

Of course the game can be played without a goal. Raise day after day fish after the fish. I can not do it, I find it boring, long-lasting, and waste time.

This is just my opinion. My account of the game. Before the game was good though I did not even finish it. I still had the chance to succeed, some good luck and patience. Every time the event was able to do it. I occasionally used the money and enjoyed the game. Now the good game is totally spoiled.

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