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Lures not adding up

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When I open multiple packs together Inam finding that my lures don't collect.  For example the Lake Sturgeon tonight only gave me 1 lure even though I had 2 packs open.  I have seen this with bought packs where I will start out with a certain amount of lures, the one pack will give me some and show the new amount but when the next pack opens and Inget lures for the same fish, the number it adds to is not the new number but the old one.  E.g started out with 10 Pike lures, first pack gave me 5 so I have 15... the next pack gives me 10 so I should have 25 in total but I only have 20 (10+10)...the first packs 5 have not been added.  I have seen this numerous times and it is theft as I have paid for these.  Anyone seen this?

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