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  1. Playing ipad. Can't play even 15min because game just turn off 2...3 times every 15min. Then take few minutes to load. So you lose gear time. FIX IT
  2. Jukka


    Hello ! Don't know how long you have playing this game. But I can tell, that they don't do anything about that. Never done and never will. Playing this for beginning. So i think you quick the game or use to it. No offence :)))))
  3. I can't buy anything. Payment's don't work over a month. TSG don't want money anymore :)))
  4. Thats easy thing to do. Raise lvl 249 up to 315. Learn how to play
  5. Only 6 best club get prizes :))
  6. Buy bank notes, then they go away. Only need to buy minimum
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