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  1. Last 14 Days we are end on place 3, and we dont have any point ? I spend here my time and my money and you are jocking with us ? NO RESPECT FROM YOU ??? I stop playng this fucking game full of errors, GAME OVER !
  2. I have send to your technical support one Week before i put here, i have send all errors that you have in the Game, and they are many !
  3. Only i have pressed Duell Buton and i become this .
  4. Here i inform you abouth another mistake, points are not counted, i think is better to stop this game FULL OF ERRORS !!!
  5. This is a shame for me, 3 Months are going and nothings happaned !
  6. I put you here the most Errors what do you have in Game ! Here you can see how many Errors do you have in Game, for what we must pay ? For this here ???? No Thnx, you can stay with the children who are not pay nothings for you and he want play only Free ! We, the people who are realy pay money and this game we have enought, i have pay in this game over 5000 Euro, i dont want to pay more money for stupid people who want to play only FREE !
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