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  1. If it was a joke, then it is very unsuccessful and so kindergarten children. I caught the championship 5 min after midnight and then there was no announcement of jokes. You are idiots and asholes.
  2. ну что, накрылас медным тазом фигня польская.
  3. Here's what I answered in support of my request to turn off in-game ads. So, those 15 - 25 windows that I close every time I open the game dream for me? Katarzyna (tensquaregames) Nov 29, 16:27 CET Dear player! Thank you for your message. We have not confirmed the problem described in your request. We are unable to verify if the issue occurred, or it is being considered as the game feature. Check out our Help Center to find answers to more questions: http://support.tensquaregames.com/hc/en-us Kind regards, Ten Square Games Support
  4. пол часа надо чтоб игра открылась,потом всё виснет и играть не возможно всё терпение моё кончилось.чёрная пятница добавила до ваших 2 косяков ещё один и играть стало совсем не возможно всё стоит на месте жми на мышку не жми всёравно не чего не происходит.устраните свои неполадки сколько можно.чем больше вы вводите обновлений тем всё хуже и хуже становится.вы твари конченные разрабы устраните свои не доделки.с вашими косяками скоро все бросят играть.
  5. There is a lot of advertising, the letters are not responding to the letters, they are ignored. Puts small changes in the interface that only complicate the game play. You are one of the Polish businessmen who can raise so much money and is not responsible for anything.
  6. Why not workin spacebar to pool fish on site draugiem .lv, a the same browser on facebook it works, no any answers from support .
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