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  1. I'm back on, but I still have no reason given to me as to why I was blocked to start with. I had planned for a week for this tournament. I had bought a bunch of 5 and 2 stars so I could level quickly and I did. I bought GB for the biggest fish and received a bunch of club bonuses. All this to level so I could have a better chance for this weeks tournament. I played for 20 hours straight at one time. I had cash ready to buy any thing I would have needed to help me in the tourney. All that and you block me for whatever reason you had. I'm a disabled 60 year old who can't move around very well. I'm om a fixed income as well. I was loving this game until I got blocked and it messed up a week's worth of planning. I deserve an explanation. I had $100.00 I had to save up over a months time to buy BNs with. I'm glad I didn't spend it on this game now and I never will. I'm afraid I will get Blocked or Banned if I play again. I would leave now if it wasn't for my friends in my club. Please reply with an explanation.
  2. And still no reply. You can spam all the forums all you want. I just want a simple answer.
  3. I started my game and it said I was blocked for breach of of the terms of service. I feel this is wrong and have done nothing wrong. Explain the reason. Want to block me? Explain what I've done to deserve this. I feel you owe me that much. How can I correct something I supposedly done and not know what I did. I have bought banknotes and club gifts with REAL money. I don't appreciate this "Block" with no reason given as to why. It also says Error Code 1337 Any help at all would be nice. PS Balls Malone is my nickname. Not for what you think either. I've been in and many Billiard Tournaments and won well over 3/4 of them . My friends started calling me Balls which I was proud of the fact that I was that good.
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