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  1. I don`t know how often your pop-ups for the special offers are meant to come up but you could please arrange it so that they do not come up in the middle of a cast or when I`m trying to pull a fish in. I must have lost over 30 fish and bonuses in the last 2 weeks because your pop-ups block the screen and prevent the fishing! Please please do something about this problem.
  2. This bloody cheating will never stop, will it?! Two 1v1 challenges this morning and both opponents managed to pull in three fish every minute. It doesn't seem that you (Ten Square Games) are doing anything to prevent the cheating that is ruining a very good game and spoiling it for all those that don't cheat. I can understand why so many players are not returning to the game, it sucks.
  3. I guess the anti-hack system doesn't work too well. I just played krolewski_blazen (level 51, 36 levels behind me) who thrashed me in a challenge pulling in two 5 star fish at the same time. I did not know that it was possible to double hook the lines. Maybe the anti-hacking system needs up-dating!
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