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  1. its a voice chat gaming program where we can hang out and talk in different chat rooms if enough people join ill make different channels for different things like fishing knowledge questions or ask the pros if you know a lot about the game your welcome here but mostly just to hang out and talk about lets fish https://discord.gg/ZA3PnM its not a website link rather you need discord installed on your phone or your computer with a head set. its like teams speak but better! then you just click join new server after you made an account on discord and join my server through that link by putting it in the required field when you click join existing server
  2. so i was thinking of a way to earn bank notes that wouldnt involve us playing against credit card warriors so we actually have a chance at winning some good prizes instead of being swamped with the credit card warriors being 1st and second. heres my idea add a custom tournament that cost anywhere between 5-10 dallors to start and in that competition we the creator of that tournament can choose the rules for example -no power bonuses -catch the rarest fish in these areas -skill trees dont apply -only these lures -only these rods -reels -no clan power ups -3 star only -4 star only -5 star only any others you can think of make a post rewards can be loot boxes they can hold magazines bank notes pearls power ups what ever but each loot box has a higher % chance to drop certain things 1st place has a higher % chance of the good stuff "gold tier loot box" 2nd has a the 2nd highest chance at good stuff "silver tier loot box" 3rd has the 3rd highest % chance at good stuff "bronze tier loot box" 4th to 10th place has a "common loot box" also you can only hold a weekly tournament once every week with okayish rewards or a monthly tournament once a month for great rewards. if anyone has ideas to add to this ideas and fresh input is welcome!~
  3. so you know how there is fishing nets? what if we had our very own fishery that had a set amount of fish that could be put in it fresh water and salt water bait fish and spin fish. right? and that set amount of fish could be increased by leveling up the fishery by completing really long and hard quests that could take days to complete on how much you play per day. but the quest is a monthly or weekly quest you could also do weekly quests to get coupons that when saved up can upgrade your fishery as well but take a while to save up since upgrading your fishery would be expensive or you could use the coupons to buy fish food to feed your fish. you could only fish a set amount of fish in there per day and your clan members could as well but when the fish are all fished out you have to buy new fish. you could also buy feed for the fish to make them bigger and give more xp or coins. and the type of food you got increased either the xp or the coins they are worth. when the fish get bigger they have a chance of going gold like a golden fish or a silver fish or a Bronze fish. but you can only have 1 of each typ gold, silver and bronse and they can only be caught once and they dont spawn in the fishery any more till you put more feed in but they can only be caught once per week. you could get fish breeding points by doing your talent quests as well as talent points to put put into fish research points to put a 0.2% or 0.5% or o.7% fish size growth per week. but it takes a lot of fish breeding points to do. especially to get 0.7% it would be cool and maybe you guys at the lets fish team can add your own spin on this idea but either way id love to see you maybe consider something like this! also maybe you could increase the resolution of the game to add more menu buttons.
  4. to talk about lets fish hang out make freinds give tips and tricks a place to post all the news of the day links and stuff to information about the game. there is so much that a official discord for lets fish could provide. it even has a discord phone app if they dont have ahead set for their comp or dont know how you can even set up different language channels and stuff for English and such and the voice chat hang outs for torunaments and clans and stuff. or a place in the discord channel to advertise your clana nd the clan rules for that clan please consider
  5. you should make it so you have to download a client or some sort of program that runs into the backround that detects cheats somehow or an extension to your browser to play this game. because you need somethign running not in the backround of the games code but on your computer that need san agreement to run or play the game. you need a tos that you need to agree to before you can even play the game. this game is great its amazing and i think there should be a more active advertising on youtube and efforts to put this game on the spotlight. i think the bigggest selling point for this game would ahve to be an updated hard to fool anticheat system. to be honest they should make a "Lets Fish Season 2" standalone for steam with a anticheat system as well as the modified cheat system for the flash game.
  6. as well as a terms of use agreement that we have to agree to before playing the game and a statement from the game designers vowing to ban all cheaters so we have a fair chance in tournaments and catching record fish.
  7. a reset option when you get so hi lvl that you wana try being lvl 1 again maybe after lvl 90 you can have this option its just my idea of adding replay value to the game when you get bored of being a hi lvl with slow xp and wanting to start over
  8. was wondering if there were any plans to add a power up for gold received from fish caught because using the xp bonuses make you not have enough gold for the next fishing rod at higher levels i think this could be bought for bank notes. since we get them for levling up
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