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  1. That was before my time then. But it would be nice to see your record fish weight when you catch a new fish.
  2. I don't know if this is the same as the "Personal Best fish weight of each species", but you can see the best fish of every species. Go to your profile, then click on second tab.
  3. Kevin


    I've noticed an big increase of unrealistically high album-points in compared to the level the fisher has. The only things I could think off is that the album-point system is malfunctioning. That is also an issue with my album-point count. (I already made a support ticket) But then I started looking at the album of the fishers with unrealistically high album-points. Seriously, being lvl 1, having 39000+ album-points, catching fish over 1600kg? No way that can be achieved with fairplay!!! If this is an error in the game (I doubt it is, I think there are cheaters around), when is something being done? Cheaters shoot be banned and their game data shoot be skipped! Cheaters ruining the game!!!
  4. It seems to be fixed, hope it stays this way.
  5. Since a day or two the game performance is going down. Not only I did notice it, but also people I talked to in the chat. Don't know if it is because a lot of new people start to play the game. But it is frustrating that it takes so much time to load the ingame mirrors. I hope this will be resolved quickly.
  6. What do other fishermen think about the following idea? Give each species an unique ID-number. For example the "European Goldfish" 0001 and the "Welsh Catfish" 0002, etc. That makes is easier to keep track of a fish when there is an image or a name change. It would help me keep track of the species, I made an excelsheet where I keep track of all my caught species biggest catch. And also what the weight is of the trophy species on the 50 pages I filled. So please let me now what you think.
  7. Did you try an other browser? If that doesn't help, check here: http://support.tensquaregames.com/hc/en-us/categories/200003161-Let-s-Fish
  8. I noticed that the error is finally fixed, thanks.
  9. As a gamer I would agree with you, but as a fishermen I wouldn't. In the wild it also is part skill and part luck. As a gamer I understand that a casino style algorithm for the chance to catch a specific fish is not only frustrating. It also raises a level of frustration that if you fish for hours and still didn't catch a specific fish you would like to smash you keyboard. In my opinion the casino style algorithm should be kick for a more gamer friendly one. If you do tasks or compete in a championship it should always be possible to catch the target fish with responsible wait. I've been in a championship and did I kept fishing for hours with the right equipment and bait but didn't catch the specific fish of a good wait (70+ pnts). (Don't remember when, at least 3 months ago, or what the fishspecifies was). I have to admit that I didn't play much the last 3 months(to busy with the renovation) so I don't know if that problem still happens.
  10. Thanks, finally some useful answer.
  11. For months this issue brought to the attention of the Ten Square Let's Fish Team. Al I got where very annoying standard replay emails but no fix. There are multiple Fishing Clubs that are "broken". When I try to enter the Fishing Club page than briefly I see the page. Than within a second there is an error message and a refresh button. The tree questions that I would like to get answered: Why I this error totally Ignored even when brought to the support-teams attention by the support-form? When will someone from Ten Square stop ignoring me and all the others reporting the error? Will the error be fixed soon?
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