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  1. What I really would like to know is how to catch the biggest fish (>94%) while completed the talent path's Strenghth & Competence, so while missing the path of Skills. Is this possible on a other way then resetting the path's (which cost 1999k)? PS: Is it possible to delete you're former posts...?
  2. Why do I get a error while trying to enter the last main skill, when completed the two other main skills?
  3. Thank you. I understand that adss are neccesairy for the funding, but the frequancy of the adds his increased a lot. The mobile version isn't always playable anymore, especially while playing with time related bonusses it is very annoying and costs presious time
  4. I tried a adblocker before but no succes...
  5. Yes, i always play the game on my mobile phone...
  6. Hello people, During playing Let's Fish it seems that more and more advertisements pop up almost every instance while playing the game. Does someone know how to kill the advertisements? It's getting to dislike the game for me. Greetings, Lekiam
  7. Thanks, I thought that i already finished that talent module but probably it was another one ?
  8. Thank you Julian, Do you mean the fullfillment of all of the 3 talentpaths wich you can reach by the daily goals of catching fish? Greetings, Lekiam
  9. Dear player fishermans, I play let's fish for some months now but I have never catcht a fish with more than 94/100 points. I reached level 112 of the game with 53623 points and hooked up a lot of fish with 93/100 or 94/100 but never higer, so I think that I am missing something here... Can someone tell me how to catch bigger fish with a score above 94/100? Greeting, Lekiam21
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