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  1. Not sure we understand your question. If you mean leaded in terms of ledgering with a weight - that style of fishing is not in the game. If you mean leaders, that is something different and enable you to catch bigger fish when added to any of the 3 styles (float, spin, sea) of fishing rod.
  2. Hi Kevin, You are correct but it used to tell you as and when you caught the fish - always satisfying to break your own record. You only know now if you do look at your profile at which point I guess the satisfaction has gone
  3. Can we bring back the Personal Best fish weight of each species for individuals?
  4. JulianDC71


    Unfortunately Viorel that is the game, mixed with luck, skills and knowledge to achieve the goals. If it was too easy nobody would play it
  5. Good post Walker There is definitely a big slice of luck needed and yes I agree that it sometimes feels that game is working against the player to achieve the goal in a quick manner. An example being on the recent event where I was able to catch 2 of the 3 target fish in the first 2 casts...... it then took me 2 more groundbaits to catch the 3rd - illogical (and very frustrating!) really as the setup had been proven correct...... but then again is that not like real fishing.......... the setup you caught the big PIke on last time fails to attract anything other than smaller ones this time...... Argued against my own post!!! I would hope that the game is not programmed in a underhand manner to get more cash out of us.......... and at this time I still give the developers the benefit of any doubt.
  6. Hi Lekiam21 It is to do with Talents - you must have the skills talent to catch 99% and 115% fish. Good luck Julian
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