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as everyone probably knows you need a minimum of 3  players joining a tournament to be able to win or loose a tournament. Thats fine by me.
But i do have a problem with the fact you loose a tournament ticket/possibility when just 1 or 2 players join the tournament they started. 

  • Players can't see up front if there are more players joining the tournament. 
  • Players cant exit a tournament when started. 
  • Players can't buy extra tickets for daily tournaments. 

So i like to ask the developpers of Let's fish to change the policy they use for these tournaments. When there are not enough players joining a tournament to make it count, the player(s) who did start that tournament shouldn't loose a tournament ticket. It's rather frustrating and neither the developper nor the players gain anything when this happens.

i hope you see my point in this matter 

kind regards smalle. 


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